Small batch Hand Crafted Distilled Spirits

Robbers Dog Distillery
Mt. Pleasant

Robbers Dog is located at the start of the southern end of the Barossa Valley approximately one hour from Adelaide after a beautiful drive through the rolling Adelaide Hills. We are situated in an old bank that was robbed three times by the infamous Bicycle Bandit so Robbers Dog seemed like an apt name.

The distillery is family run and has a driving focus on producing small-batch, high-quality spirits. This focus includes sourcing as much locally grown grains and fruits as possible including recycling any organic waste products back to livestock feed where possible.

Making spirits of high quality has been a passionate pursuit for Robbers Dog owners, Rob and Cath Davies, who hope you enjoy them. This can be done with your favourite mixer or slowly savouring the flavours over ice.

Robbers Dog Vodka

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