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As you begin your journey into the Barossa Valley you’ll find the township of Mount Pleasant that greets you with a beautiful plane tree-lined street – boasting everything the Adelaide Hills has to offer.

Located on Melrose Street, Robber’s Dog Distillery is a family-owned and run a small business. We have a passion and profound love for producing small-batch, high-quality spirits. We also have a strong commitment to renewables and being as sustainable as we can, this includes sourcing as many locally grown grains and fruits.

Every effort is put into recycling any organic waste products back to livestock feed where possible – along with recycling our still water and powered by the solar energy we capture in our 110 panels.

Through a union of quality local ingredients, science and passion the Davies family are creating a legacy. Take your time to soak in the flavour profile and immerse yourself within the spirit of Robbers Dog.

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